Darkness 2 – Why you only need one Darkling

Guns and tentacles

You’d think that controlling a demonic horde would be a tempting prospect but Lead Designer at Digital Extremes, Tom Galt, explains why you are far better steering just one Darkling in the Darkness II.

“We had different Darklings and we found people weren’t using them. It was just too difficult controlling all these different ones and giving them orders.” It certainly makes sense to streamline the experience and it means that you aren’t constantly trying to work out which particular one to use or how to control it. It’s also seems a far more attractive prospect for combat purposes.  Rather than sending out henchmen to do your dirty work from afar, Galt tells us, “If you’re ordering Darklings across the level then you’re not close enough. We want the player up close using the demon arms; slashing, grabbing and interacting.” With these powers only dangled tantalisingly in a late cut scene of the first game, we really want to get in on this slash and grab action.