Access episode 9 now on PSN


It’s Wednesday, which means the big hand on time-keeping devices everywhere have just hit Access o’clock on the PlayStation Store. On this week’s episode, there’s ultra attractive coverage of EA’s cross-country racer, Need For Speed: The Run. Think the on-foot sections will be as enjoyable as a sulphuric acid and sheep intestine madras? Developer insight from Need For Speed Producer, Alex Grimbley, should bury those gnawing doubts in a shallow grave.

Elsewhere there’s a first look at Spider-Man vs. Albert Wesker sim, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, with special attention paid to a cameo appearance from Phoenix Wright – find out how the sharp-suited, finger-pointing lawman does against Wolverine and pals.

With Assassin’s Creed: Revelations dropping onto PS3 earlier this week, Access took a behind-the-scenes tour of developers Ubisoft Montreal, and got a word in with the men behind Ezio’s stabby swansong.

Finally, there’s the PlayStation Store roundup to prepare your eye holes for. This week, there’s explosions and point streaks aplenty as Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer hits full swing. Oh, and there’s a special guest star in the PlayStation Briefing. To quote ancient kids show Live & Kicking; if you miss it, you’ll miss out… big time.

Access is available every Wednesday from the PlayStation Store, free to download for all UK PSN users.