Assassin’s Creed: Revelations – must-know bombcrafting tips

Blood Bomb

What with Ezio being quite the pyromaniac in his newest outing, we decided to take a look at the art of bomb crafting within Assassin’s Creed Revelations. With over 300 variations to create, here are a few tips and tricks to make your trip to Constantinople that little bit more explosive.

Bombs fall into three categories. From the crafting stations scattered across Constantinople, you can fill the pouches on your belt with lethal, tactical and diversionary explosives. Picking up materials from guards and treasure chests, you quickly gather the ingredients for some deadly cocktails. Each bomb is made up of three components; the outer shell, gunpowder variety and a space for popping in some interesting effects. For lethal bombs, a sprinkling of shrapnel will create crispy shredded guard, while for just a diversion; a pinch of sulphur will create an excellent sound decoy. With four types of shell to choose from, three types of gunpowder and at least ten different effects to include, the bomb crafting tool is capable of some very specific demands. Want to drop a bomb and wait for some unsuspecting fool to walk over it and be drenched in fake gold coins? You got it.

Of the four shells to choose from, the sticky pouch is a useful tool. It creates a resin coated bomb that helpfully sticks to its victim before exploding five seconds later, leaving you free to have got the hell out of dodge. The tripwire, on the other hand, can be dropped and left until its sensitive thin filament is touched by a passer by. Watch your handiwork from an adjacent rooftop as your choice of ingredient causes chaos below. Impact shells are useful in close combat. When a guard gets a little too close for comfort, an impact smoke bomb is just right if you don’t fancy sticking around for a fight.

Gunpowder wise you’ve got three options. Indian gunpowder gives the smallest explosion for a localised area, Arabic gunpowder has a slightly bigger impact and the good old British stuff has a wide radius for some serious carnage. Combine it with coal dust and you’ve created the ultimate cocktail known as The Thunder Bomb. Pop this nasty piece of work in a sticky bomb and that guard will most certainly have to be identified by his dental work.