The powers in The Darkness 2 explained


It must be delightful to be blessed with a couple of huge, sod-off tentacle monsters tethered to your shoulders. Bored waiting in line to pay for your daily BLT? WAAPAAAH! That’s the six customers in front of you shredded to pieces.

In the Darkness II, mob don Jackie Estacado not only boasts these stabby demon beasties, he’s also rocking a variety of gun powers.

“The core powers are Gun Channelling, Swarm and Black Hole”, reveals Sheldon Carter, creative director at developer Digital Extremes. “But when you look down each of the paths of the different other groups, you see other powers.”

One of these other supernatural tricks you have up your wiseguy sleeve is Dark Armour. If you’ve read the comics, you’ll know it’s a type of shield that protects Jackie whenever he’s bathed in darkness. Carter says “It makes you take way less damage when you’re in the dark, although it turns off when you get in the light, making you vulnerable.”

Being jacked into the world’s most malevolent evil also comes in handy with the Darkness ability Gun Channelling. Lead designer Tom Galt describes it thus. “It gives you infinite ammo and your damage is really amped on the weapons, so you can tear through enemies really fast.”

Oooh, and what’s this? A power called Swarm that lets you spew venom from your demon pals/masters that paralyses baddies? Don’t mind if we do.