Monday’s PS3 video round up

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Roll up one and all for the latest PS3 videos the mystical land of the interwebs has to offer. This week, our pals over at CVG have created a damn impressive GTA 5 vs. real life comparison trailer. We’ve also included a catchy Skyrim rap for the pleasure of your ear holes and an unofficial movie for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.

Formalities are then rounded up with a hidden Captain Price arcade machine in Modern Warfare 3, while a Battlefield 3 myth buster video attempts to answer that most debated of questions. Namely, can you pull a headshot off in a tank?

Skyrim’s enthusiastic rap

There’s nothing quite like busting a horribly early Monday morning rhyme courtesy of Skyrim. This particular fan video seems to be resolutely pro dragon and anti aubergine. Sentiments we definitely echo… well, apart from the aubergine part. If you want to keep up on the latest news about our upcoming Skyrim review, check out Leon’s review diary.

Modern Warfare 3’s hidden Captain Price arcade machine

Infinity Ward’s megaton shooter sure loves an Easter Egg or three. In Modern Warfare 3, inquisitive gamers have already found a Captain Price-branded retro arcade machine. That and depending on what side you take in the ensuing Youtube comments argument, either a dinosaur or a hippo skull. Find out why Activision’s FPS comes out on top in its fight with Battlefield 3 in our Modern Warfare 3 review.

Battlefield 3’s myths busted

Are you perplexed by the great mysteries of the cosmos? Unanswered questions, such as “can you pull of a headshot with a tank in Battlefield 3?” Or “does going prone really protect you from being run over by jeeps?” Thankfully, these riddles and more are solved by this handy, highly amusing myth-busting video. If you keep getting thrashed in multiplayer, here’s some Battlefield 3 online tips to help.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier’s unofficial movie

Admittedly, this a quasi commercial for Gamestop by those talented dastards at Mega64. Still, it had us loling over our keyboards. After all, who can resist some “BANDANA!” action? That’s right: the sum total of no one. Want to read more on Tom Clancy’s latest? We suggest you check out our Ghost Recon: Future Soldier preview with those holes in your head called eyes.

GTA 5 vs. real life

Clearly, as the above comparison video proves, GTA 5 is several country miles better than that thing called real life. Which going by the above footage, could clearly do with a texture hike. Anyhoo, substantial kudos are due for our talented brethren over at CVG. Find out why GTA 5′s main character may already have been revealed.