GTA 5 – Main character revealed? All the facts


Ned Luke: remember the name. Because he might well be the voice (and face) behind the narrator/main character from GTA 5’s trailer. The little known Hollywood actor may currently be as famous as Kevin Bacon’s fourth cousin twice removed, but there’s a good deal of evidence to suggest he’s GTA’s new antihero.

Lets look at said evidence all CSI-style, shall we? Thanks to a tip from and some initial intrepid work from, we’ve stumbled upon images and video of Mr. Luke that suggest his larynx and mug have been adopted by what looks to be GTA 5’s middle-aged protagonist.

Firstly, if you go to Luke’s IDMB page, you’ll see the actor bears an uncanny resemblance to the suit-sporting criminal seen in last week’s debut trailer.

And if you then watch his video reel (showing the thesp working in everything from TV movies to cereal adverts), you’ll notice his voice sounds damn similar to the narrator, too. Honestly, Ray Liotta sounds as much like his fellow Field of Dreams’ co-star James Earl Jones, as he does GTA 5′s narrator.

Then there’s a fellow actor outing Luke on Twitter. On November 5th, actor Jimmy Taenaka posted these tweets

The actor’s apparent cousin also seems confident it’s Luke’s voice in the trailer. Although she’s seemingly not a fan of the guy who’s gravely voice could soon be serenading your Los Santos adventures.

Finally, the man himself also posted about GTA memories on Twitter and was following Rockstar until his account was recently deleted. Man, we love when a plot gets all thick and soupy.

So what do you think? Does the above evidence convince you Ned Luke is GTA 5’s main character? Looking back at leads of the past, only the Liotta-voiced Tommy Vercetti had a name actor attached.

San Andreas’ CJ was voiced by the almost unheard of rapper Young Maylay, while GTA 4’s Niko Bellic was played by jobbing TV actor Michael Hollick. Anyhoo, share your thoughts in the comments down yonder page.

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