Japanese pop starlet designs ultra skimpy Final Fantasy XIII-2 costumes


We’re not ones to turn down the chance to run a semi game-related story, which features pictures of pretty Japanese girls. So in that spirit, here’s Japanese pop princess Yuko Oshima (of AKB48 fame) posing with drawings of costumes she designed for Final Fantasy XIII-2…

Oshima isn’t just handy with coloured pencils, though. Aside from being able to belt out twee pop tunes, she’s also appearing in the Japanese adverts for Square’s latest Final Fantasy spin-off.

Of the two costumes originally revealed to Andriasang, only one will make it into the game as DLC. The winning outfit will be chosen by fans at the game’s Judge 13 campaign website.

Her little black number was inspired by “Exposure and Defence” (because it exposes loads of uncovered flesh). Meanwhile, the red costume was inspired by that annoying kid who likes to flirt with becoming a wolf’s lunch. We think she’s called Little Red Riding something.

Another one of her pop group’s members has also been flaunting her wares to promote a bizarre Metal Gear video, which makes the sum total of zero sense to our eye holes.