10 Games You Can Platinum In Under 10 Hours

Megamind: Ultimate Showdown


We’ve genuinely sat through movies that took longer to watch than Megamind takes to platinum (seriously, go and rent Ben Hur). Every trophy in the game can be collected in a single, embarrassingly quick, playthrough – which should take you less than three hours. Simply ploughing through the story mode unlocks the lion’s share, while others, such as Tightanic Battle or Flash In The Pan, can be earned by offing bosses without biting it. The game’s title sounds smart, but in reality you need all the intellect of a remedial howler monkey to race to this game’s platinum pot.

Hardest trophy Mega Collector – Collect 3,000 BINKEY in any single level as Megamind.

Time to platinum 2-4 hours

Cheapest price £6.99 (playr2.com)



This being a game revolving around gruesome violence to bodily appendages, you might think getting a platinum in Saw would be a painful experience. Ah, how wrong you are. In reality, you can mine all of the game’s shiny pots in one short playthrough. Important tip: in the final room, make sure you choose the door marked ‘Freedom’ rather the one marked ‘Truth’, as this will enable you to open both doors and score two trophies in one sitting. Oh, and next time your mum tells you never to play with scissors for fear you might take some poor blighter’s eye out, ignore her. After all, Saw gives you a trophy for doing someone in with the business end of said pointy implement. Jigsaw would be so proud of you.

Hardest trophy Professional – Unlock 20 locked doors.

Time to platinum 7-9 hours

Cheapest price £12.95 (blockbuster.co.uk)

Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs


Look, don’t roll your eyes. We can feel you raising those peepers to the ceiling at the sight of yet another underwhelming game based on a rubbish kids’ movie. Check your inner Metacritic Nazi at the door, though, as this game is seriously easy to platinum.  Most of its trophies can be picked up going through the short main game, while others, including the Rescue Yoko trophy, can be sucked up by completing the mini-games quickly enough. While you’re at it, why not give the devs a bit of sympathy for having to work on a game about prehistoric rodents by viewing the credits in the menu. Go on – there’s a trophy in it for you.

Hardest trophy Dedicated Collector – Collect all five sets of 16 Crystals.

Time to platinum 5-7 hours

Cheapest price £14.86 (shopto.net)