10 Games You Can Platinum In Under 10 Hours

Terminator Salvation PS3 Feature - Platinum Trophy

Nothing says hardcore-if-slightly-OCD gamer like bagging a platinum, but some games give up their shiny prize easier than others. There are a growing number of titles, mostly poor movie tie-ins, where you can power up your trophy haul in ten hours or less. Here, we’ve listed some of the least time-consuming platinums, along with where to find them on the cheap – although renting would be kinder to your wallet and your credibility.

Terminator Salvation


Terminator Salvation PS3 trophies

The video game version of McG’s meh-tastic cyborg sequel is roughly as fun as being the fat guard in T2 who gets his eye poked out by the T1000’s stabby brand of justice. That said, it’s mercifully easy to bag a platinum in this shoddy movie tie-in. After all, the game only puts 12 trophies in the way of platinum perfection, with just 11 gold pots between you and glory. You’ll unlock all of the game’s trophies by simply enduring a single playthrough on Hard, which should take you roughly five hours. If you’re the sadistic type, invite a mate to play with you in co-op to end the torturous ordeal even quicker. The Governator would not be amused.

Hardest trophy Veteran Commander – Complete the game (become a commander on Hard difficulty).

Time to platinum 4-6 hours

Cheapest price £9.45 (pszone.com)