Battlefield 4 or Mirror’s Edge 2: What should DICE make next?

Why DICE should make Mirror’s Edge 2 next

Faith’s free running title really was the little game that could. With almost no backing from EA’s advertising juggernaut, Mirror’s Edge went onto become one of 2008’s most critically acclaimed titles. Three years on, it’s amassed a cult following, as fans of the original desperately pine for news of a sequel. Frankly, it’s a franchise which deserves another chance and more backing from its publisher.

Above: C’mon, EA. How can you turn down such a delicate maiden?

It’s a title that would clearly benefit from lessons learned from the first title. While the sensation of speed and joy of movement from flinging yourself off sterile skyscrapers was exhilarating, gunplay was frankly pump. Granted, it was never supposed to be the focus of the experience. But when you look at the quality of the weapons in Battlefield, more sturdy bullet-firing action is a must for Mirror’s Edge 2.

The story also let a hella lot to be desired. Even though it was penned by Rhianna Pratchett (as in daughter of Terry) the plot was a garbled mess. Stylish anime cutscenes aside, all we can remember is some nonsense about a conspiracy to off the city’s free runners. That and something about a middle-aged wrassler.

With most of the gameplay mechanics already nailed to an enjoyable degree in the original, DICE should have more time to focus on crafting a more involving tale for Mirror’s Edge 2. Main character Faith definitely has potential to be a compelling, morally murky protagonist. So lets hope it jettisons all the bobbins about her cop sister and focuses more on the acrobatic lady herself.

Above: The plot in Mirror’s Edge was enough of a shambles to turn anyone to drink

Earlier in the year, EA Games president Frank Gibeau gave Mirror’s Edge a ringing endorsement. “We love that franchise. The DICE guys really created something I think special the first time around. You’ve got to have a big idea to be able to do the next one and that’s what we’re working on.” Still, late last year he questioned the direction of the game, while hinting he’d like to see all future EA titles include multiplayer.

Now, while we’re not a fan of seeing games crowbar in online modes just to have another bullet point for the back of the box (hello, Dead Space 2), there’s definite potential in multiplayer for Mirror’s Edge 2. Racing online ghosts in the original’s hugely addictive time trials was a tense and exciting blast. And the prospect of competitive races is one of the main reasons we’d love to see DICE choose the free runner as its next project.

The Pure Time Trials DLC showed DICE is capable of developing brilliant maps that focus entirely on the game’s parkour, working as a kind of futuristic take on the 3D Mario titles’ levels. Now imagine jumping, rolling and sprinting around these minimalistic playgrounds with three other folk in timed races. It could perfectly capture the sensation of tense speed and momentum that’s so central to the game’s appeal.

Above: We want exactly this, but with three mates racing alongside us instead of the ghost

Anyhoo, that’s enough ranting from us. What we’d really like to know is which game you’d like DICE to develop next and what your hopes for Battlefield 4 or Mirror’s Edge 2 would be. Unload thoughts from your tasty braaaiiiinnnsss into word-based form in the comments below.