What you could be flying in GTA 5


GTA 5 Crop Duster

While this is clearly being used as a crop duster it most closely resembles GTA: San Andreas’ Stuntplane. Both could emit smoke/pesticide trails although the longer wings of the old Cropduster made it tricker to fly. That was the complete opposite of the Stuntplane which had more engine power for manoeuvres but sensitive controls that required skill to avoid crashing into the nearest building. Have Rockstar merged the two in GTA 5?

Police Maverick

GTA 5 Maverick

GTA just wouldn’t be the same without a flotilla of police helicopters in pursuit. The first controllable cop chopper made its appearance in Vice City in the shape of the Police Maverick. That came with an invisible machine gun on the fuselage and a loudspeaker when it was chasing you. Extra’s that were sadly unavailable once you took the stick. It’s made repeated GTA appearances and was upgraded in San Andreas to allow the use of the search light function. GTA IV also replaced the machine gun with an officer on each side armed with M4A1 assault rifles. Y’know, just to mix things up.


Now this shiny wing thing looks suspiciously like the Shamal. This classy business jet was first playable in San Andreas but planes resembling it have made appearances in GTA III and Vice City. Based on the real Learjet 60, the Shamal can be spotted by the eagle eyed in GTA IV on the TV show ‘I’m Rich’. In the Ballad of Gay Tony, Ray Bulgarin owns a similar style jet named the Ghawar. With plenty of money floating around in Vinewood, who knows who might be inside this particular jet.