What you could be flying in GTA 5


A blimp sails high above the city of Los Santos. We haven’t seen one of these since GTA: Vice City. It floated just out of reach above downtown, advertising the Gash clothing company (known as Zip in other titles). The sky’s hopefully the limit this time around. Even if we can’t fly them they could make for some interesting obstacles and if we can hitch a ride they’ll make great sniping platforms. If nothing else, we’ll know where to go to buy a new pair of khakis. What was the advertising campaign on the bags? Ah yes, ‘Have a Gash Summer’.

VCN Maverick

It’s a bit of a squint but this distant helicopter looks suspiciously like Vice City’s VCN Maverick, shown here as a local news chopper – small body, thin skids. These were a little tricky to control and had the unfortunate habit of flipping if you over steered in any direction. Getting one was another difficulty. Failing the ‘Whirly Bird’ race was one way to do it. The other was just the small matter of hijacking one out of the sky.