What you could be flying in GTA 5

gta4.30.33 pm

As fun as Liberty City was it did lack shiny sky toys. With Grand Theft Auto 5, though, it looks like Rockstar might be handing over the keys to an entire airfield, with the new trailer full of winged potential. We’ve scanned through it and located all the vehicles we could be flying come the game’s release, most of which look like they’ve appeared in previous GTA games before. 




Flying in GTA 5 ps3 plane Hydra

This is the Hydra as it appeared in San Andreas


Those three missiles are a dead give away. The Hydra is a jet powered military aircraft we first met in San Andreas and a serious piece of work. Armed with lock on or manual missiles and flares, it can vertically take off and descend like a helicopter as well as the usual horizontal plane travel. With a top speed of 300kmh this was the fastest plane in the game and the ultimate in armed flight. If we get the chance to speed across the skyline of downtown Los Santos in this, it’s going to be epic.




Yup, we see that little seaplane hiding behind those blades, Rockstar. GTA is no stranger to these semi amphibious vehicles. Vice City was the first game to allow us to jump in the cockpit of the Skimmer. Well, magically appear, as the plane had no doors. Helpfully, San Andreas fixed this problem and gifted us with the ability to swim and enter the plane from the water. And if you ever had the inclination to pop some wheels on your Skimmer then Vice City Stories would happily oblige if you visited a Pay n’Spray. Useful.