Battlefield 3 – a Modern Warfare player’s guide

Battlefield 3 PS3 Modern Warfare

Hey there, Rambo. Flick on the safety on that M60E4 for a second, lose the ammo belts draped across each shoulder and take a knee. You see, the war’s being fought across two titles now – Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3. Even if you’re a decorated Call Of Duty veteran, there are plenty of reasons you’ll still want to play Battlefield 3. For your consideration and to avoid humiliation, here are the six ways you’ll need to change your game when you do.

Maybe you’re sick of UAVs spewing hot death all over you, or picking the throwing knives out of your back. Perhaps you’re such a COD fanboy that you’ll play BF3 just to prove it’s inferior somewhow, and that everyone who plays it don’t play games very much, or something. Whatever the reasons for your COD to BF3 crossover, the hail of bullets you’ll face doesn’t care. It’ll kill you anyway, again and again. To avoid getting shot like a common n00b, make these six changes to your multiplayer tactics.


Stop caring about K/D

That reads as comfortably as ‘punch an old lady’ doesn’t it? Well, the fact of the matter is if you want to win a round, you’ll need to focus on the objectives at hand, and play your class correctly. For example, an engineer can top the team tables just by repairing vehicles throughout a round and accumulating points (and XP) that way. They’d have to be really good at repairing vehicles, but you get the message.


Get your squint on

Sure, you’ve got the fastest thumbs in the west. Your twitch-shooting skills have been the end of many, many enemies’ heads on the COD servers. Those skills will sure come in handy in BF3 – you’ll just need to do it from much further away. Every map has chokepoints that present a few easy kills, but just as often you’re firing at enemies from 50+ metres away.



Don’t run with knives

Didn’t your Mother ever tell you that? You might have thrown a knife into someone’s face from twenty yards away in MW2, but in Battlefield 3 the knife stays very much in the hand.  What’s more, it’s almost never a good idea to use it as a mêlée weapon because most of BF3′s combat is fought over such a large, outdoor area. Use only indoors when sneaking up from behind on a clueless sniper.