GTA 5′s multiple characters – is this Grand Theft Auto 5′s main cast?

GTA 5 multiplale charecters

As I pointed out in this morning’s GTA 5 trailer analysis there is an odd mix of prominent characters in the trailer. These four specifically seem to be singled out for attention. Are they the game’s main cast, or even multiple playable characters? Rumors have suggested several interlinked characters could play a part in GTA 5′s story. So, what makes this lot special? 

The girl (far left) is modelled in much more detail than other female characters in the trailer. Her clothes, jewellery and hair all look a little more ‘unique’ than, say, the lady joggers at the start of the trailer. She also seems to react to the guy in the red car as if she knows or recognises him.

The guy in the red car (top right) is seen escaping the police in a pursuit so he has to be involved somehow. The fact that he’s on his own, combined with the clearly in-game chase action suggests its not just a cut scene for a supporting character. He’s also clearly not the CJ look-a-like because he lacks the tattoos.

The CJ look-a-like (bottom right) is an odd one. Is it CJ? The resemblance is so strong it would be weird for it not to be. He’s also seen escaping the police again suggesting he’s part of the story, rather than just a bit player.

The old guy (bottom middle) is clearly the narrator and is also seen leading an armed robbery. As an older, more authoritative man it’s possible he could be the boss figure bringing the other three together. Perhaps this is the man that binds them all as the leader of a newly formed crime cartel?

What do you think?

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