GTA 5 trailer – what does Rockstar’s teaser tell us about Grand Theft Auto 5?

gta4.27.06 pm

So we’ve all seen GTA 5′s video debut then, but what did we learn from the new trailer? Certainly no info on a release date that’s for sure. A shame although no surprise. That said it does look a lot more advanced than GTA IV’s first showing, which suggests it could be out sooner rather than later. Spring 2012 anyone? ETA aside there are some interesting things to be gleaned from the footage. Here’s what we’ve noticed…

Old characters could make a comeback


That really does look like CJ, the hero of San Andreas doesn’t it? Not just down to the white vest and jeans outfit which was his iconic default get up, but even the ‘running down alleys’ thing which was precisely how San Andreas actually started. It’s such an odd clip and strong resemblance to include that it must mean something. The ink could suggest this is Cesar Vialpando, CJ’s heavily tattooed friend but the likness to CJ is stronger.

Is San Andreas' CJ making a return to PlayStation?

The obvious conclusion is that GTA 5 takes place in or around the same period and that is CJ. Could he be making a cameo or returning as a contributing character? San Andreas had a number of familiar faces appear in its story, like Kent Paul and Ken Rosenberg from Vice City, and Catalina who appeared in GTA III and San Andreas.

Speaking of Catalina, could that girl in the trailer be her? Check the comparison shot below and see what you think. She’s certainly modelled with a level of detail and style missing from the other female NPCs in the trailer. Another posibilty is Maria Latore from GTA III, San Andeas and Liberty City Stories but there’s a lack of her trademark leopard skin on show, so it’s unlikely.

The fact that it is set in San Andreas suggests we must see a few old faces return – it simply wouldn’t make sense to set another game there without acknowledging previous events, especially as the two game’s time periods seem relatively close.

Catalina GTA 5

However, we’re not just limited to past San Andreas characters. What about Patrick “Packie” McReary from GTA IV. The youngest of the McReary crime family was last seen in The Ballad Of Gay Tony’s closing credits heading to the airport with a bag. One posible location suggested at the time was Hollywood, known in San Andreas as Vinewood. An idea backed up by a Hollywood themed poster that came with the instruction manual. Does this homeless guy look like him? Look at the hair and the nose.