Final Fantasy XIII-2

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Serah

You don’t get direct Final Fantasy sequels often – hardly ever, actually. There’s been one to date, in the form of FF X-2. It scored pretty well and racked up a few awards, but wasn’t without its problems – the lighter shift in tone and shallower gameplay annoyed hardcore FFers. So how’s Final Fantasy XIII-2 shaping up?

Last year’s XIII shared these bemoaned qualities, picking up criticism from fans and reviewers alike for a nonsensical storyline that funnelled characters through linear levels, while you hammered the X button to win over-simplified battles.

But this sequel is set for a different approach, and director Motomu Toriyama says he’s learned from XIII’s mistakes: “Our main goal with FF XIII-2 is rectifying all the negative issues, so that the game can be presented as our response to gamers who sent us their views.”

A brave aim – but how has the veteran developer set about righting those wrongs? “FF XIII was developed with a story-driven concept,” Toriyama explains.

“Now, we have established a different concept – called ‘player-driven’ – for FF XIII-2. The player always takes a proactive attitude to keep everything progressing, getting involved with all aspects of the game, ranging from map exploration to battle strategy. The game allows you to make your own decisions as to how you wish to play.”