Uncharted started life as “Project Big”, starred “John”


There’s a huge ‘making of’ feature in this month’s Official PlayStation Magazine UK. In it Uncharted 3‘s lead game designer, Richard Lemarchand sheds a little light on the birth of PS3′s favorite hero. He says work on the first Uncharted game actually started way back in 2005. “At this stage most of Naughty Dog were still concentrating on Jak X.” 

“A few of Naughty Dog were working on the very early stages of development on the game that became Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. We knew it as ‘Project Big’” says Lemarchand. ”If you count Even Wells – one of our co-presidents – and Amy Hennig, I think there would have been six of us all together.” Apparently, “Amy Hennig had the idea that it was a descendent of Sir Francis Drake”.

But while the scale and historical setting were fixed early on the main star wasn’t so easy to nail down. “I remember the email thread, where people were suggesting different ideas – like John, for a kind of generic feel. But Nathan eventually felt like the right kind of name for the guy”. Good choice.

There’s loads more in the feature which is a huge 14 pages and has loads of info on how the game was created. It really is a great read if you’re an Uncharted fan.