PlayStation Trophy news this week

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This week in the world of PlayStation trophies, we sneak a look at the rewards on offer in the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, our handsome hero Nathan Drake embarks on his latest adventure with a new set of silverware, and after a week of Grand Theft Auto fever we have a top tip for how to terrorise Liberty City by becoming a One Man Army.

The big news

The release date may have been pushed back to February 2012, but this week the awards for Metal Gear Solid HD Collection have emerged from an innocent looking cardboard box. Although containing some spoilers for those who haven’t played through the series, the list is hilariously tongue-in-cheek – rewarding you for making Snake sick, sending a dubious photo to Otacon, getting caught ‘stimulating’ yourself and hearing a couple of Johnny’s unfortunate ‘accidents’. Hideo Kojima’s humour at its finest.

Out this week

Hitting the shops today, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is the big release everyone is talking about. The Uncharted 3 trophies for treasure hunting and weapon kills return, as does the challenge of completing the adventure on Crushing difficulty, however this time around there are also more obscure awards for riding a crocodile, slapping enemies with a fish and playing in a swimming pool! Again Naughty Dog gets online right – a trophy each for trying out competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes once with no requirement for further online play if it’s not your thing.

Top trophy tip

If the internet fervour surrounding Grand Theft Auto V encourages you to return to GTA IV’s Liberty City, here’s a top tip for achieving “One Man Army” by surviving a 6 star wanted level for 5 minutes. Steal a helicopter from the Heli Tours pad in Algonquin then fly to the airport and land on top of the control tower. Keep dialling 267-555-0150 (which raises your wanted level) on your mobile until you hit the top wanted rating then wait out the 5 minutes with a minimum of difficulty, hiding from or shooting down any NOOSE helicopters that appear. Simple but effective!