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Just look at that cover. Look at it. Doesn’t that get you excited? This is the Uncharted issue and as well as the review we’ve got exclusive behind the scenes access with Naughty Dog and the voice of Drake, Nolan North, for a huge making of feature. We’ve also played The Darkness II (so much blood) and interviewed two of the developers behind what could be the best horror shooter of next year. We’ve also got an extended print only look at Max Payne 3 and loads more. Click on for a preview.

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We sent reviews ed Joel Gregory off to RockStar to see Max Payne 3 this issue for an extended print only look at the slow-mo shooter. According to Joel “It’s a true Max Payne game. It’s not a reboot, rather a modernisation of one of the best first person shooters around.” So, good then. In the news section this month we also have more pics of that incredible Bioshock Infinite Elizabeth cosplayer Ormeli, including a separate interview and new costumes like Ellie from Dead Space 2 and Poison Ivy. There’s also the PS Vita launch line up and we ask if Diablo is coming to PS3.

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By far the best thing in the mag this month is our huge Uncharted history piece. Nathan Ditum met up with lead game designer Richard Lemarchand and Mr Drake himself Nolan North to interview them about the entire series. We’ve got 14 pages of Uncharted history here for you to read. A few tit bits to tease you: the game was originally called Project Big while Naughty Dog were still working on Jak X and Nathan didn’t even have a name to start with. It’s a seriously good feature and an essential read for any fan of the series.

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A far more unpleasant feature is my hands on with The Darkness II. And I mean that in a head ripping off, gut tearing out way, obviously, not that it’s a bad read. It’s a really imaginative twist on the usual shooter as you slash, slice and impale with two demon arms while firing away with duel wielded guns. As well as playing it I also chatted to project director Sheldon Carter and lead designer Tom Galt to find out just how dark it gets (very is the answer).

As well as all that we’ve the usual reviews, previews, features interviews and news. It’s in the shops now but why not check out one of our subscription offers. You can also find us on the Apple Newsstand and on Zinio. And as well as the website you can join our Facebook community and speak to us on Twitter.