Bioshock Infinite – 7 things you don’t know

BioShock Infinite PS3 Elizabeth and songbird

Sure, you’ve seen the demos and gameplay. But. There’s a lot more info floating around about Bioshock Infinite than you might think. Old interviews from when the game was just a name and a CG trailer; little bits of info that only make sense when you collect them together and put them in context. Basically I’ve spent bloody ages going over everything anyone’s ever said about Infinite and found out all sorts of things that you really should know about. Off you go, clicky.

Booker DeWitt is a bad man

Before Bioshock Infinite’s hero Booker DeWitt set off to Colombia to rescue Elizabeth he was a former Pinkerton agent (and you can actually still hire a Pinkerton Agent to day if you want). This was private security organisation at the turn of the 20th century and essentially a Wild West private military company, (that’s their logo up there. Not at all threatening). They had a varied remit and were hired to hunt outlaws, protect trains and break strikes during industry unrest in the 1890s.

Bioshcok Infinite PS3 Booker DeWitt

Has Booker done a bad thing?

Thing is they did that last bit using subterfuge, intimidation and violence. They didn’t really mind how they got their results as long as they got them. Even Troy Baker, DeWitt’s voice actor, says ‘Those were bad guys. Feared.” Not only was DeWitt one of these bad, feared guys he was actually thrown out of the Pinkerton agency for “extreme methods”. Baker also mentions that “He’s got a lot to make penance for”. Still think he’s still heroic then?

The Pinkerton agency still operates today (and are much nicer) and their presence ties into the game through the Devil In The White City. A book that was apparently required reading for developers. It tells the story of H H Homes, a serial killer who used the real world influence for Colombia, the World’s Columbian Exposition, as a base for his killing spree. He was eventually arrested after being tracked across America by Pinkerton agents. See, it all ties together.