Monday’s video round up

Rage’s peekaboo post-apocalyptic cowards

We don’t mind evil AI baddies using cover to prolong their digital existences, but this is just ridiculous. Witness Rage’s twitchy buggers recreate a popular child’s game… just with more cerebral hematomas at the end. If you’re hungry for more footage of id’s gorgeous shooter, check out this ‘first ten minutes’ video of Rage co-op we done took.

Uncharted 3′s copter-cavorting fan film

After showing you nothing but perplexed-looking, moody sand walking in a Drake fan flick last time out, this week’s effort rates slightly higher in the excitement stakes. Mainly thanks to a dodgy CG chopper and some almost believable gun effects. Hey, when was the last time you mastered computer generated imagery? Watch out for the shoe related continuity error, though. Schoolboy error. If you haven’t read our Uncharted 3 review yet then you don’t know why it’s the best thing on PS3.

Shadow of the Colossus’ show pony stunts

Man, do we ever love Agro. Loyal as a grave-watching Scottish terrier and with that oh so sexy billowing mane; we have the mother of all equestrian crushes on Colossus’ steed. And you can earn a silver trophy in the game by performing the impressive stunts in this ‘ere vid. While you’re appreciating Team Ico’s classic, check out our review of the ICO/Colossus HD Collection.



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