Weekly PlayStation news round up

Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception review

Here are all the big stories in the world of PlayStation this week. Uncharted reviews, Uncharted something called GTA 5 and more. We also have a round up of the best stuff on both PlayStation.com and the PlayStation EU blog.


On Official PlayStation Magazine UK


Probably one of  biggest scoops of the week is Uncharted 4, which Naughty Dog alluded to in our interview.

Then there was the GTA 5 announcement and what we expect from the new Grand Theft Auto.

You might have seen GTA5 in action already as well thanks to the previous work of a former Sony animator.

And finally, incase you missed it there was our 10/10, Gold Award Uncharted 3 review. What do we think of Drake’s Deception?




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PlayStation EU Blog


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Uncharted 3 Behind the Scenes: Motion Capture - We find out how Naughty Dog get the best our of their actors and bring their performances to the game.

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Scaling The Universe Of DUST 514 - CCP discusses the server architecture they are putting in place to support and scale the upcoming PS3-exclusive MMO.

The Weekend Debate: Fear Factory - Our community discusses what elements and techniques go in to creating a scary game experience.