Russian BioShock Infinite cosplay is all kinds of hot


[Update: Irrational Games like Ormeli's Elizabeth so much she's now the official face of Bioshock Infinite.]

There’s a lot of videogame cosplay out there. Some of it is shocking, some of it is hot. This is absolutely the latter. Meet Russian cosplayer, Aleksandrovna Moleva – known to her friends as ‘Ormeli’. Official PlayStation Magazine UK’s eagle-eyed cosplay hunters tracked down this talented Moscow-based fantasy-dresser on her Flickr account – our interest piqued inintially by her striking portrayal of Elizabeth from BioShock – and asked her about her hobby and most recent creation.

Why did you pick Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite?
“I just wanted to make BioShock, I love these games. And when I saw the first pictures of Elizabeth, I looked in the mirror and thought: ‘I must to do it.’ True, it was not easy because the developers several times changed her appearance. Sometimes it is essential effect on the nerves, but in the end turned out even better. I went to take risks, because the game has not even entered into circulation and we had no freedom of action. So, as you can see, we mainly have focused on the screenshots.”

Can you talk us through making Elizabeth’s outfit?
“The costume consists of jacket, corset, several petticoats and fine details. I spent a day on making a jacket, skirt day, a day to buy and painting shoes, and then a few days, tormented with a corset – it consists of three different tissues and has a frame made of plastic and metal corset bones. Also, the image of Elizabeth can not do without hair and eyes. This issue is long tormented the Internet community, but to the disappointment or not, it’s lenses and a wig. Excuse me, fans of blue eyes.”