#inbox 27/10/11- What you’ve been talking about

Official PlayStation Magazine UK comments roundup ps3

And what a wealth of conversation-sparking news there’s been this week. Our Uncharted 3 review went live, Rockstar announced GTA V, there was the 2011 Golden Joysticks award ceremony, and an interesting report into DLC buying habits. Here’s what you made of all this.

Firstly, the really big news – GTA 5 is coming. Predictably enough, armed with only a logo everyone put their speculation hats on:

Acridweasel (via officialplaystationmagazine.co.uk) might not be on the money with their prediction, but we want to play this game anyway:

“How about a casino on Native American territory? State law is unable to have any sway over Indian reservations and so various casinos have sprung up. One was featured in ‘The Killing’ set in Seattle, and there are some in Oregon and, you guessed it, California. It would be interesting to see a Native American protagonist, perhaps fighting for his family/tribal land.”

Wilbossman (via officialplaystationmagazine.co.uk) sees things differently:

“Mega-excite! Does anyone else think that logo looks a bit San Andreas-y?”

Alex George (via Facebook) took that speculation to a dark place:

“Wonder if it will contain a mission where you have to push an irritating game writer/director off a building? Not mentioning any names *cough cough Brendan McNamara cough cough*!”

Higgie_baby (Pete Wisdom, via Twitter) took the opportunity to voice his controversial opinion. Turns out – yep, you probably are Pete.

“Am I the only person in the world that doesn’t care for GTA?”

Inevitably, Uncharted 3 got people talking too. From our 10/10 review to the trophy list and a Naughty Dog tester’s 3 hour speed run, here’s what you had to say:

ten2eleven (via officialplaystationmagazine.co.uk) seemed to agree with the high score, but are his motives coming from the right place?

“Who actually thought it would get any less?! I just hope there’s more Mass Effect style ‘getting-on-down’ with Elena… mmm…”

Engimatic Bob (via officialplaystationmagazine.co.uk) lived up to his name with this trophy-based titbit:

“I like weird trophies, as long as they’re not hidden. Did anybody get ‘Dastardly’ on RDR without looking it up? I bet most of us are gentlemen. ”

You have to hand it to Nathan Cheng (via Facebook). While everyone around him was worrying that the 3-hour speed run meant the game was somehow terrible now, he remained succinct and dignified:

“why rush perfection?”

AdamC1337 (via officialplaystationmagazine.co.uk) gets credit for managing to sum up every internet disagreement in as few words as possible, in the Uncharted 3 Review post:

“This is my comment: *everything MaskedPheasant said but the opposite*.”

News that 51% of gamers are buying DLC also got you chatting with some insightful stuff:

Gratuitously overusing the letter ‘e’ in their name, Weezereire (via officialplaystationmagazine.co.uk) raised a good point:

” I don’t buy DLC because no one else really does. Sick of Buying DLC MP maps when there are no games available.”

Philip Rolt (via Facebook) voiced valid concerns too:

“The problem with DLC is sometimes it seems like an additional bill for something that should be included. Sending an FPS out with nearly no multiplayer maps (yes Homefront I’m looking at you) and then charging for a couple of extras…no thanks. In many ways I preferred the LA Noire DLC – here’s a little bit that wasn’t good enough for the fifty quid game so you can have it now for a fiver! DLC must be well priced and not smack of being something that already existed and then got chopped out so it could be sold later on.”

Likewise, Adam Stark (via Facebook):

“I don’t mind paying for DLC that extends the life of the game by adding extra narrative content etc, but what I do object to is being charged for abilities and skills. I’ve been waiting ages for Ace Combat’s multi-player but I’ll get thrashed regularly by those who’ve been prepared to stump up for the four or five (quite cheaty) DLC packs.”

Now, the miscellany. Comments that stand up on their own two feet, or are simply funnier presented out of context.

Bawheidbob (via officialplaystationmagazine.co.uk) took our Borderlands preview as an opportunity to vent some issues. We’ll play with you, Bob!

” Never played the first game due to lack of friends but no matter i will try this one out when it comes.”

Landstalker (via officialplaystationmagazine.co.uk) knocked Sonic back down to size upon hearing the blue one’s outstanding contribution award at the 2011 Golden Joysticks. He mustn’t have played Generations yet…

“WHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAT? I’m sorry, but there is nothing ‘outstanding’ about any of Sonic’s contributions since about 1997 :o/”

Martyn Bowell (via Facebook) sounds like every game developers dream, if his comments regarding new Skyrim videos are anything to go by:

“Oh I have pretty low standards for everything and I’m easily pleased so they’ll probably all amaze me.”

Mikimus_Prime  (Mike Jackson, via Twitter) gave some solid advice for how to get the Spiderman series back on track:

“The devs need to read the comics. Plot is 80% of any superhero game. Gameplay wise: God of War mechanics could fit Spidey nicely.”

A second appearance for Bawheidbob (via officialplaystationmagazine.co.uk)! Simply because he voiced that quandry we all face at the moment – too bloody many games to play:

” This mode sounds great – I meant to go buy this a couple of weeks ago but got distracted by other things and now I have Batman and Battlefield coming this week, but I am going to have to bite the bullet. Heck it is payday soon after all.”

And finally…Mrk_E (Mark Robinson, via Twitter) provided one of the best out-of-context quotes ever. Is impressive really the word, Mark?

“Angry Birds made me punch a bird’s nest out of a tree once. Made more impressive as I was only punching the trunk.”

And that’s your lot. Thanks for everyone who commented on the site you’re visiting now, our Facebook page and via Twitter.