Access episode 6 on PSN now

Access episode 6 on PSN now

It’s that time of the week again- a lovely new episode of Access waiting is for you on the PlayStation Store. Episode 6 has a line-up choked with blockbuster brilliance, with Uncharted 3 blazing a trail of awesome through Game of the Week.

And there’s more Uncharted too, in the form of the treasure hunt event that recently took place in the blistering deserts of Jordan. Follow the UK’s contender as he battles with the elements and a couple of grumpy camels.

There are also the Access regulars to enjoy; a round-up of all the latest PS3 news plus a look at what’s hot right now on the PlayStation Store.

To round things off, make sure you check out a behind-the-scenes look at the new Access Magazine – a free, quarterly publication now available at selected high street stores country-wide.

For more videos and the chance to sign up for future Access events, head on over to the official PlayStation Facebook page.

Access is free to download for all UK PSN users every Wednesday from the PlayStation Store.