GTA 5: What YOU want to see

GTA 5 Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V was announced in typical Rockstar fashion earlier today: a logo reveal at, accompanied by the date on which the first trailer will be unveiled (2nd November, next Tuesday). So what do YOU want to see from the latest game in the series? Here are the eight best suggestions submitted by you guys to our Twitter and Facebook pages…

8. You say: “I want it set in Chicago. I also want to to be really custimosable, like the custom car shops from San Andreas – so you have pride in your car.”
Patrick Lambe on Twitter

We say: Chicago is a favourite city of at least one member of the Official PlayStation team, but maybe too like New York to create separation from GTV IV. Custom car shops sound ace, though.

7. You say: “Back to its roots. The last GTA I actually enjoyed was Vice City. San Andreas was *too* big, and IV lost too many side missions.”
Adam Wright on Twitter

We say: Both fair points. Perhaps a cross-section of San Andreas, like Las Vegas or Los Angeles (both of which have been hinted at elsewhere), would be the perfect way to bridge the gap between old and new GTA.

6. You say: “Swansea, LOL!”
Ross Davies on Facebook

We say: “DLC when you pre-order from any Game store in Wales, perhaps?”

5. You say: “I think its going to be set in Vegas… the inside of the V looks like a spade from playing cards. Just a guess though. Also I want to see planes make a return, and more open areas like in San Andreas so I can cruise along on my Harley.”
Rob Holehouse on Facebook

We say: Again, Vegas is an excellent shout, but we picked out your suggestion because we particularly love the idea of planes making a comeback. Cruising around in a jetliner in San Andreas was totally preposterous, yet we’d give anything to do it again on PS3.

4. You say: “London would not be incredibly boring if it was done correctly. Rockstar can create a darker take on the city. There’s a variety of places such as Camden and London’s West End for party life, Brixton and Peckham for its Jamaican and African gangs and drug circles, East London for its Asian gangs and old school Cockneys, Chelsea and Kensington for its posh reputation, the corrupt politicians at 10 Downing Street and a hell of a lot more!”
Prescilla Garland on Facebook

We say: Some good ideas here, but certain newspapers would inevitably accuse Rockstar of going to town on stereotypes (though admittedly it’s never been frightened of that in the past). Unless it wants front page coverage for all the wrong reasons like Hot Coffee-gate, this isn’t a GTA we’re likely to see anytime soon.

3. You say: “Oh also, I’d like to seee the return of some old characters, even just as cameo. Wonder how CJ is getting on.”
Patrick Lambe on Twitter

We say: Yes. And even if it’s just CJ: Still yes.

2. You say: “I know it will never happen, but the first part of the story could be set in Vice City, then the main character having to go to Europe, then the story splits over two cities, London and Paris, as there are so many sites and places that could be incorporated into the game from both of those cities, as it is a shame that these games are always set in the USA, which is why a couple of cities in Europe could offer something a bit different, but still keeping in with the game.
Dean Martin on Facebook

We say: If Rockstar could do this while retaining the free-roaming element of the game it could work. But they’d need to make four or five massive cities to the same fidelity level as New York in GTA IV, and that would take years. So it’s unlikely to be what we see from GTA V.

1. You say: “Logo makes me think Ireland… Hoping for an east coast “The Wire” style game, or a return to San Andreas.
Rob Sewell on Facebook

We say: Zero chance it’s Ireland, but we do like the idea of it sucking in elements inspired by The Wire. As does PSM3 editor Dan Dawkins, whose further thoughts on new GTA you can read here. And once again, certain cities from San Andreas remain a strong rumour. That suits us just fine.