Portal 2 turret plushie – want

Portal 2 plush turret

It may not keep your living room as safe as the Aperture Science Enrichment Centre, and it probably won’t shoot on sight. That’s no reason not to take an interest in this adorable 14.5” tall officially licensed plush Portal Turret. Crucially, and this is the killer bit, it comes with motion activated sound. 

When it detects you it’ll trigger any number of famous catchphrases like, “Target acquired” or “I see you”. Why not knock her over? You’ll hear a “Critical error” or an “I don’t hate you” just for that little bit of reassurance. And if some how you do manage to escape it’s motion sensors, you might hear a distant “Target lost”. Bless

The “Portal 2 Plush Portal Turret w/ Sound” is available at www.thinkgeek.com for $30.00.

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