FIFA 12 reader tips masterclass

FIFA 12 tips reader masterclass

Concluding our mazy dribble of FIFA 12 tips with a clinical finish, we bring you the final instalment to FIFA 12 tips week. Sure it’s Monday, but with news coming thick and fast from the Golden Joystick awards last Friday we thought it best to hold this back until today. Reader tips ahoy!

Via Twitter: Plenty of defending tips here to get to grips with FIFA 12‘s new system, including TrophyMachine’s succinct contribution.

@Manic7Muppet8 (Leigh Braithwaite): master the through pass (triangle), essential for breaking through defensive lines – timed right it’s devastating.

@Chris_Smith88 (Chris Smith): forget jockeying when defending in the final 3rd, hold x and contain to avoid being caught out of position.

@TrophyMachine (Chris Harris): turn tactical defending off!

@Gaming_Cyborg (Craig Burchett): Tackle before the opponent gets in the penalty box. If you mis-time it’s only a free kick.

Via Facebook: Passing tips, more defending, and a veritable outburst of tips from Mr. Woods. We’ve been trying Mike Clarke’s level select tip for days, no joy so far. Maybe if we just keep trying over and over and over…

Tom Moxey: Don’t be afraid to go backwards because it will then make space forward, one pass backwards will open gaps.

Luke Hope: Rarely use the ‘tackle’ button….use team-mate contain and run into the defender.

Kirt Woods: Play a 3 5 2 formation and go ultra defensive, you’ll hardly get scored against, just make sure you score. Dont forget to hold R1 when you shoot near or in the box! oh one more, sell Heskey!

Mike Clarke: on the main menu press: up, down, left, right, A, B, C, Start to get a level select.

Thanks to everyone who shared their wisdom. You can read all our FIFA 12 tips in once place here, and never again feel the sting of defeat or the temptation to rage quit. Possibly.