51% of gamers are buying DLC in 2011


…which means 49% of gamers aren’t. Those are the stats according to a recent report carried out by EEDAR about gamers’ purchasing habits over the last 12 months. Their findings not only show an even split when it comes to actually buying DLC, but some interesting reasons for not buying it.

Of the considerable 49% of HD console gamers who don’t buy DLC, 47% claim privacy issues are their main motivation for not shelling out for the extra content. A lack of return policy put off 38% of the sample, but only 11% claim the content on offer isn’t of a high enough standard.

The report also uncovers that the number of active DLC purchasers over the last 12 months has risen a sizeable 43% in 2011. To put that in perspective; there were 14 million ‘active’ DLC users in North America alone in 2010.

DLC is clearly big business, and popular games rarely go without a few bonus content offerings. We’re even seeing developers announce their DLC plans for games that haven’t even been released yet, a la Final Fantasy XIII 2. So it appears DLC is here to stay, like it or – as you’re 49% likely to – not.

You can read EEDAR’s findings in more detail over at their official site.





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