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Skyrim PS3 screens FrostAtronach

I get in trouble every time I put a Skyrim story on the site because I’m such a fanboy for the series. (I’ve played Dagerfall. Dagerfall! You need to install a DOSBox emulator just to get the damn thing running.) Anyway, because there’s so much going on at the moment I’ve rounded up all the site stuff into one easy to manage story. It’s all here – Skyrim screens, news, previews and interviews.

The latest bit of fresh info is this Skyrim interview with Matt Carofano. Bethesda’s art director talks decapitations, kill cams and why they never do that online Elder Scrolls everyone wants.

Screens are well served with these two batchs: the first set of Skyrim shots show off magic, torture and the Dark Brotherhood, while the second set reveal new locations, stealth kills and the magic stones you can use to buff your skills.

We’ve also got our preview of the first three hours in Skyrim. No time to make the perfect elf, just three short hours to squeeze as much out of the game as possible before Bethesda take the pad out of Rob Pearson’s hands.

The news is tricker. This story about how Skyrim could make you live with the children of people you kill is interesting. The rest are potential spoilers. There’s the leaked list of Skyrim perks, the manual which got scanned (well, photographed) and the Skyrim map, which isn’t really much of spoiler unless you’re exceptionally precious about directions.

And, finally, we’ve got my massive feature including a chat with director Todd Howard in the latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine UK



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