Resistance 3 multiplayer tips from Insomniac


Insomniac Games knows a fair bit about Resistance 3′s weapons – they did make the game, after all. So when they go public with a video that shows you their favourite weapon loadouts and tips on how to use them, it’s probably best to pay attention.

You might think you’ve clocked in the hours in Resistance 3‘s multiplayer, but the guys at Insomniac have definitely put in more. They must be pretty proud of their weapon loadouts too, because they’ve only gone and put together a video showing them off, with a geneous portion of pwning thrown in for good measure.

What with the new Resistance 3 Survivor Pack DLC having just touched down in the PlayStation Store offering a new multiplayer mode and map, it might be best to heed the words of Insomniac. Legend has it, they look right through the game and see only ones and zeros. If none of this means anything to you then you might want to check out our Resistance 3 review or this piece by Tim Clark about why Resistance 3 may end up being a lost classic.


[Thanks PlayStation Blog]