Battlefield 3 multiplayer maps revealed

Battlefield 3 multiplayer maps

Battlefield 3′s beta offered a taster of the multiplayer action in the PS3′s prettiest shooter, and now EA has released more details on the 9 maps available in the full game.

It’s fair to say there have been a few interesting Battlefield 3 beta glitches but nothing that won’t be sorted before the release, something that’s whipping us up into a state of extreme anticipation – have you seen Battlefield 3′s destruction in action? Any news of the locales in which the carnage will unfold is very welcome, then. Like Wish You Were Here meets the Six O’ Clock News, let’s take a peek at Battlefield 3′s exotic map locations.


Operation Firestorm

Three times bigger than Battlefield: Bad Company 2′s largest map, Firestorm looks likely to be a hot spot for vehicular manslaughter on the ground and in the air. It’s an Iranian oilfield showing signs of wear-and-tear (read: relentless military conflict) in the form of smouldering oil fires and abandoned industrial structures.


Operation Métro

Welcome to Sunny Paris. Hardened beta players will already know their way around Métro’s Parisian parks, chaotic subways and dilapidated financial district. It’s basically three maps in one, and more suited to hand to hand combat in Rush mode than fighter jet hijinx. You’re still welcome to try and keep a ‘copter in the air here, of course.


Tehran Highway

Tehran’s screens look almost peaceful. Inky night sky, patchwork of lights on the horizon, anti-aircraft rounds lighting up the town below… idyllic. The brawl starts on the city’s outskirts and intensifies and everyone heads downtown for a bloody finale.

Tehran looks like it’ll challenge for snipers and pilots to stay sharp in the gloom, as well as providing a change in atmosphere to the other locations’ perennial daylight.


Damavand Peak

A great to go base jumping, as long as you’re not averse to taking a volley of gunfire in the process. Damavand’s USP is elevation change – the most extreme differences in elevation the franchise has ever seen, according to developers DICE.

Looks like tactics will be just as essential to victory as a good strong parachute, as vehicular options will be more abundant as forces make their way down Damavand’s formidable descent. We’ve got some more Battlefield 3′s single player screens here if you want to see more, and there’ll be more multiplayer info tomorrow.

[Thanks EA's Battlefield blog.]