Trophy news this week

Skyrim PS3 verdict screens

Every week I will be taking a look at the world of PlayStation trophies, telling you what’s new and offering some tips along the way. This week features the leak of the cups you can score in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the release of Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 and Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, plus a top tip for rising quickly to the highest rank in Red Dead Redemption’s online multiplayer to coincide with the arrival of the GOTY Edition.

The big news 

The big news recently has been the leaking of the achievements, and by default, the trophies for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. There are a number of story-based rewards so read the full list with caution if you wish to completely avoid spoilers. Thankfully it seems you won’t need to travel the entirety of the game world to achieve them all, however accolades for discovering 100 locations and clearing 50 dungeons will keep explorers busy for some time, and reaching level 50 will undoubtedly be a huge timesink.

Games out this week

PES 2012 fans will be pleased to hear that after last year’s punishing trophy list, Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 has no 10 season slog this time and only a couple of easy online trophies, making the platinum much more achievable. Ace Combat: Assault Horizon’s trophies are mainly mission-based, however one trophy requires 50 hours of competitive online or co-op play and will surely only be achieved by the most hardcore pilots! Also Assault Horizon‘s platinum trophy is hidden which most trophy collectors will consider to be a serious faux pas.

Top trophy tip

Another release this week is Red Dead Redemption GOTY Edition and although the trophy “How the West Was Won” for reaching rank 50 in online multiplayer can seem daunting, here’s a top tip for achieving it quickly. Keep an eye on Rockstar’s Facebook page and Twitter feeds for announcements of regular Triple XP events, then jump online and hit the Pike’s Basin hideout. This can be cleared in around 5 minutes and immediately repeated – with Triple XP rewards you should level up every couple of clearances, giving you a fast route to Red Dead Redemption‘s top rank.