Syndicate – What do PSM3 think?


Recently sister mag PSM3 went to see EA’s new future shooter Syndicate. We asked associate editor Andy Hartup for a few words on the game based on their cover feature. This is what he had to say…

This is not a Syndicate game. At least, that’s what the naysayers were bleeting online when Starbreeze’s FPS was first announced. Now that the slick, brutal Syndicate trailer is out there the critics are changing their tune. This is a Syndicate game – the dev’s faithful homage to the dystopian universe of the original game oozes from that first footage and our recent gameplay demo. This is a high-tech war for consumers, and you’re the company’s face-smashing commercial edge – an agent charged with literally murdering the competition.

It’s a fascinating world, and the rich, futuristic plot is ripe for smart commentary on corporate greed. If the story is handled delicately, this could be on a par with the likes of BioShock and Crysis. One thing that definitely won’t have a subtle touch is the enemy AI. Starbreeze have made big noises about how aggressive their rival-syndicate goons are, and early evidence shows promise. During our eyes-on time enemies flanked and coordinated as a team, making our man Miles Kilo fight for his life. Refreshingly, foes won’t stick their thick skulls out from cover for easy headshots either.

The devs are aware this will make Syndicate a challenge, but that’s the idea. You need genuine brain-power and tactical smarts to man up to this game; a refreshing bucking of the current trend towards easy, spectacle lead FPS. This is definitely a Syndicate game, and one we can’t wait to play.

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