Old Hitman is dead. Watch 17 minutes of Absolution gameplay to see why


Remember that Hitman gameplay trailer that was due tomorrow? It’s up on Machinima.com now. There are a few things you should know before you watch it, though. 

It’s basically not a Hitman game any more. Unexplainable magic Hitman-o-vision X-ray sight, massive Hollywood set piece cinematics and charecters that never shut up. It’s pretty obtrusive with everyone on screen talking constantly. Oh, and it’s got that Inception foghorn going on because that was a thing once, right?

To be honest it’s mainly my fanboy knee jerking. Hitman: Absolution looks exciting, it really does. It’s just not… Hitman. Instead, think Batman does Splinter Cell, which isn’t a bad combination at all. What do you think?