Skyrim map revealed. Shows factions

Skyrim map ps3 f

[Update: the map's out in English now. Looks like those icon are cities. I was right about that one being Winterhold, though. Click though to see the English map.]

I think it shows factions. Almost certain. When I played it for my feature in this month’s Official PlayStation Magazine UK that little three pronged shield in the top right was definitely the College of Winterhold, Skyrim’s version of the Mage’s Guild. That would make all the other symbols similar factions or groups.

So I’m guessing the two swords would be the Companions, which is the new Fighter’s Guild? When I interviewed director Todd Howard he explained that there wouldn’t be a guild in every town. Instead you would find one location for each group. He also dropped this bomb about what happens to the children of people you kill. We’ve also got some of the latest Skyrim screens as well.

The map was given to attendees of the Igromir gaming show in Moscow. Anyone speak Russian?

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