What’s Hideo Kojima eaten this week?

hideo kojima

If you follow Hideo Kojima’s Twitter feed then you’ll know he tweets about food a lot. The Metal Gear Solid creator is just as likely to give you daily updates on his diet as he is behind the scenes info on his next game. This week there’s been sushi, burgers and late night drinking…

October 7th

Im having a soy sauce ramen noodle.”












Finished the lunch meeting












October 6th

Sushi with everyone.























Cheers with staff. Hungry.”












October 5th

Morning cappuccino.”












Japanese Breakfast.”












Lunch. Sushi.”












Since there is not enough time, lunch and mtg. at the same time.”












Late Dinner.












Japanese restaurant. Chicken place.”












Rolled egg.”












Chinese noodle to finish up with.












October 4th

Dinner at the airport.”












October 3rd

Udon noodle“.