Skyrim could make you live with the children of the people you kill

Skyrim PS3 interview

I was lucky enough to spend three hours playing Skyrim a few weeks back for a feature in this month’s Official PlayStation Magazine UK. As well as a full hands on I spoke to director Tod Howard about various elements of the game such as the Radiant Storytelling and in-game tech.

One interesting thing he mentioned was this: “You can’t kill kids, but they’ll react. People are prone to going around murdering people. They’ll go to a house, decide they want it and kill everybody. [It] makes you feel guilty when the kid reacts to their mother being killed.”  Which made me wonder if you might end up relaxing in your new house while the children of the former owners mope about nearby? According to Todd,  “That’ll happen, yes.” Christ, let’s hope they’ll add a ‘feel less guilty’ ability to the recently leaked list of Skyrim perks