Gran Turismo 5 Functionality Update 2.0 explained

Gran Turismo 5

The new Gran Turismo 5 update will be available on the Store on October 11th and includes plenty of changes, all of which are apparently the result of fan feedback. 

The key additions are:

- All cars will now feature interior views.

- New online features.

- Reduced load times, quicker menus and improved interfaces.

- Improvements to both car physics and AI.

- You can now save during endurance races.

- 11 new NASCAR 2011 cars.

- Improvements to the weather customisation.

- Updates to the photo mode.

- Logitech G25/G27 steering wheel support.

Director Kazunori Yamauchi says this update, “contains the feedback from the users playing GT 5 online every day” and that it’s, “the shape and form of GT 5 created through the opinions of our fans”.

Find out more about the Gran Turismo 5 Functionality Update 2.0 at the PlayStation EU blog.