I Am Alive still alive. New trailer proves it

Ubisoft must really be regretting that title right about now. If you forgot about this survival adventure that’s because it was announced years ago in 2008. Since then original developer Darkworks left the project, citing ‘other obligations’ and Ubisoft Shanghai took over. Since then rumour, gossip but no hard fact.

Until now. The game’s definitely not dead and will be hitting the PSN this winter. There have been a few changes, though. The hero’s had a redesign, dropping the ‘bad day at the office’ look for a more grizzly survivor style. There’s also apparently a noxious fog at ground level forcing survivors up high and introducing a mix of climbing and platforming. Combat seems to involve bows and arrows, knives and guns and there’s a hint of Deliverance to the surly locals. The I Am Alive Facebook page also has a few new images: