“GTA does its own thing and we’re going in a completely different direction”

Saints Row the Third PS3 interview

Speaking in this months Official PlayStation Magazine UK Saints Row The Third writer Drew Holmes distances his series from Rockstars slightly more serious open world crime adventure. “This is  just a game for people who want to screw around and have fun. GTA does its own thing and we’re going in a completely different direction.”

Holmes also reckons that this will be the instalment to finally win over the non-believers. “People who may not have taken to the previous Saints Row games will see something unique this time around – and it’s something that will definitely grab their attention once they have the controller in their hands. I think for this third iteration we’ve really found our voice – we’ve found something that’s unique in terms of look, tone, and style, which sets us appart from every other game that’s out there.”

And what is Saints Row The Third’s voice? ”We wanted to have what we call a ‘big holy sh*t!’ moment in each one of our story missions – which not only helps people to remember what’s actually going on in the story, but also makes them want to play the next mission in order to see what’s going to happen.” Big holy Sh*t moments, got it.

You can read the full interview, along with Joel Gregory’s city wrecking hands on in this month’s Official PlayStation Magazine UK.