Syndicate announcement trailer

syndicate PS3 trailer

[Update] You can see the latest gameplay for Syndicate over at GamesTrailers and hear from producer Ben O’Donnell. Christ, those guns look  meaty. 

EA’s worst kept secret is finally out in the open with a trailer that shows off a Deus Exy world of corporate war, neural chips and swinging in through windows. It’s also embracing the dubstep bandwagon by getting Skrillex to score a theme, which you can grab through the Syndicate Facebook page.

The shooter, by original Darkness dev Starbreeze, shows off a fast, mobile FPS with running, sliding and body-checking combat. The highlight showing main character, Miles Kilo, barrelling an enemy over a banister and falling down the stairwell with his body as a soft landing pillow. It also demonstrates the ability to hack people’s brain chips and make them go crazy (while a soothing female voice announces, “Suicide activated”). Nice.

It’s set for a 21/2/12 release.

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