Ghost Recon: Future Soldier preview makes us shouty, stabby


With an influx of games blabbing on about how you can ‘be who you want to be’, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier’s forceful approach is strangely refreshing. There are no head-scratching ethical quandaries, no options for being a civilian-shredding psycho.

You’re a Ghost, one quarter of an elite military squad capable of melting through enemy defences unseen and snuffing out a man’s life with a casual trigger squeeze. Why would you want to be anyone else?

Our hands-on session commences in a dusty village somewhere in Nigeria in the year 2024, a maze of rickety timber huts and rusty metal rooftops. We’re playing four-man co-op. Our mission? Extract a VIP from the clutches of some very nasty men. Shared mission intel scrolls across the screen, fed to us via a swanky future visor.

Level designer Florent Guillaume is keen to point out Ghost Recon is no number-crunching tactical shooter, however. “We don’t like to call it ‘tactical’,” he explains, “because for many players ‘tactical’ means a barrier. We prefer to say we encourage the cunning player.” Which is good, because we’re about to execute an exceptionally cunning plan.

Wading through waist-deep sludge, our party discovers a patrol of four men guarding the village entrance. As we take aim, our targeting reticule flashes blue, meaning the whole team is cocked and ready. On three, we unleash a silent volley of leaden death, the game swoops into super-cool slo-mo, and our foes drop like boneless sacks of man meat.

This silent co-op kill is one of Guillaume’s favourite features in Future Soldier: “It allows you to kill stealthily and from a distance,” he says. “In some situations you will need to wipe everyone out without raising the alarm.”