FIFA v PES Official PlayStation Magazine PS3 reviews


The football season may be underway but things get going in earnest this Friday with the big PS3 kick-off. FIFA 12 is launching, and with PES 2012 just two weeks behind it’s a straight shootout to be crowned PlayStation’s best ‘baller. In recent years FIFA has been holding all challengers at arm’s length, and it looked heavy favourite to retain its title again – especially after last year’s perfect score in OPM #50. But a huge off-season of rebuilding has seen PES dramatically close the gap, to the point where we’ve now deemed them numerically neck-and-neck – that’s right, Official PlayStation Magazine has awarded 9/10 to both.

EA’s gameplay updates means that it’s still the overall king, but some off-pitch issues have prevented it from top scoring again: read our full FIFA 12 review here. Meanwhile PES 2012 has been refining and tweaking itself to get back to the PS2 heights, and it combines a more tactical edge with a compelling career mode. Get the full low-down right here. And whichever you choose to support this year be sure to stop by our respective FIFA 12 and PES 2012 tips guides so you’ll be more Messi than Mertesacker from the very first whistle.

FIFA 12 is due out this Friday. PES 2012 will be released on October 14th.