The ten best PS Vita games

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It won’t hit UK shores until early next year, but Vita is already boasting an impressive line-up of games destined to further impoverish your purse strings. From PS3-rivalling fare in Uncharted: Golden Abyss to the likes of the inventive portable-friendly Little Deviant, here are the ten Vita games we think could make the biggest impact.

10: Sound Shapes (ETA 2012)

The game that will literally allow you to make sweet music without all that pesky innuendo. Essentially a side-scrolling platformer, Sound Shapes big USP is that your actions create music – jumping, rolling and avoiding enemies all adds to the beats breaking out around you. You can also create your own levels using some beautifully simple touchscreen creation. Your musical efforts can then be shared through PSN.


9: Little Deviants (ETA Dec 17)

Look at that happy little face. Now poke it with your finger. Little Deviants‘s big fat collection of mini games uses every bell and whistle the Vita has to offer. There are motion control AR shooters, touchscreen whac-a-moles games,  tilty ball games and loads more. Don’t let the cartoony looks put you off, there’s a huge range here that are all great fun to play, and the best way of showing off what your Vita can really do.


8: F1 2011 (ETA Dec 17)

“Compete on the go” boasts the portable version of Codemaster’s exhaustive motoring sim, which probably doesn’t include steering your machine into advertising boards at a face-melting 200mph. The Vita port of F1 2011 includes four player online and WLAN play, while the championship mode also boasts co-op.


7: Virtua Tennis 4 (ETA Dec 17)

The only way Andy Murray’s winning a Grand Slam anytime soon is in your pocket. Sega’s ball-slamming sim boasts over 22 stadiums and 33 stadiums, with 10 exclusive Vita minigames lobbed up for good measure. Innovative touchscreen controls will also let two people play on a single screen in Virtua Tennis 4‘s multiplayer matches.


6: ModNation Racers (ETA 2012)

ModNation Racers is another game determined to use Vita’s Swiss army knife-style features. It both lets you draw with your finger to create tracks and twiddle the terrain with the touchpads. You’ll also earn ModMiles by visiting real locations with your Vita. Not only does the game supports Facebook, Twitter and online leaderboards but you’ll be able to use the stuff that already been created on PS3.


5:  LittleBigPlanet (ETA 2012)

There are so many reasons to get excited about LittleBigPlanet on Vita. For starters it lets you use all of the Vita’s new technology. So you can create touchscreen, motion controlled games. Then there’s the fact that this is a full 3D game that not only looks every bit the spit of LBP2 on PS3 but fits in all the amazing logic gates and new toys that introduced. Even if you’re not going to create anything then there’s all the free, user generated content for you to pilfer. It’s a lot to play with whatever you’re planning.


4: Escape Plan (ETA 2012)

We’re calling this an escape-’em-up. Escape Plan stars two little rubbery characters called Laarg and Lil who are trying to flee a maze of deathtrap filled rooms. Your job is to help them avoid being squished, electrocuted, minced… well, deaded in any number of nasty ways. To help you Lil can inflate and float like a ballon while Laarg can use his ample girth to smash through things. It’s basically part platformer and part puzzler with a hipster monochrome finish.


3: WipEout 2048 (ETA 2012)

A prequel to its ludicrously fast PS2 brethren, Wipeout 2048 moves like a cheetah with rocket engines strapped to its furry feline paws. Supporting cross-platform online play, you’ll be able to race against WipEout HD PS3 gamers. As well as a surprisingly usable tilty steering mechanism, the touchscreen will also fire power ups. Hell, even Vita’s mic can be used to fire voice-activated weapons.


Resistance: Burning Skies (ETA 2012)

Focusing on the American invasion, Resistance: Burning Skies follows New York City fireman, Tom Riley, as he takes his axe to the Chimera. As well as close quarter hatchet kills you get new weapons like the CFG which fires homing missiles and lets you tag enemies by touching them on screen. There’s also a new, alien-mincing chaingun, plus all your gear can be upgraded to make them even more killy. With its twin stick shooting and a big multiplayer component this is Vita’s triple ‘A’ FPS.


Uncharted: Golden Abyss (ETA Dec 17)

Was there ever any doubt this would be number one? Especially when nothing sells Vita like watching Uncharted: Golden Abyss  in action. Visually this is almost on par with the first PS3 adventure, mixing the same top level graphics with Hollywood action and the wisecracking charm of Drake. It also makes excellent use of Vita’s touchscreen and motion controls as you draw paths over ledges for Drake to climb, or tilt the console to aim sniper rifles. Whatever else you’ve got your eye on, this is the one game you must get.